Carlos Martín

You can hear in the air the voice of a trombone, the heartbeat of percussion, together with the gentleness and audacity of a trumpet. But you will see just one man. On stage is Carlos Martín who’s rhythms and brass looks for self expression through his fusion of musical disciplines: The mind on the freedom of jazz language and two hands which feel and connect Latin and flamenco nature.

His knowledge of different styles and his established facet as a multi- instrumentalist has brought him to enjoy collaborations with many important international bands such as Mingus Big Band. Also to accompany great musicians like Bebo Valdés, Gary Willis, Steve Swallow, Carla Bley, Luis Perdomo, Perico Sambeat, Chano Domínguez, Jorge Rossy, and many others. Carlos Martin’s gift for understanding music’s necessities in all kind of fields and his indisputable versatility has let him play with influential artists such as Alejandro Sanz, Andrea Bocelli, Alicia Keys, Jorge Drexler, Niña Pastori and Juan Perro o Ana Belén.

This musical personality just can be understood looking at Carlos Martín reflection on the mirror of the many cities he visits. Hundred of experiences meet in this musician. His way of life influences him to absolute creative openness and quick minded resourcefulness. In a blink his routine changes impacted by the cultural wealth which fulfills his performances and compositions. Every year stages around the world let him understand the birth of the music during the night. By daylight his experiences fuel his day job as a teacher at Taller de Músics de Barcelona and Musikene.

The continuous relationship with different musical genres is the source of opportunities where Carlos Martin finds together, as a compositor and multi- instrumentalist, distinct music with no disparity. Then, avant-garde jazz flows with afro-cuban and Puerto Rican rhythms or with Spanish flamenco roots.

Carlos Martin lives in an expressive world which explores an extensive catalogue of the various influences and inspiration. These build his harmonic conscience. But it is also his background that guides him; it is with his teachers and partners lights that he can move forward. He lives entirely through his music. Carlos Martin expresses himself completely by allowing others to see his true self. His true self being encapsulated by the spectacle of listening to three men and looking at just one.

Fdo.: Marta Ramón